Mysterious Bug Bite
Mysterious bug bite sufferer Kirsty Keep with her mother Theresa Keep. Facebook/Kirsty Keep

Kirsty Keep suffered a mysterious bug bite 11 years ago and she soon developed dramatic health complications. Now, her mum Theresa has been told that she may have wrongly received chemotherapy for seven years. Theresa has uploaded a heartbreaking video of Kirsty urging authorities to take a decision on ending her child’s life. Both Kirsty and Theresa begged for mercy as the pain is too much for the girl to handle.

Watch mum Theresa’s desperate plea to end her child’s suffering here.

Source: YouTube/Viral Tv

Mum Theresa captured her 23-year-old daughter’s suffering as she lay in a hospital bed sucking in air and gas. Kirsty can be seen groaning in agony from an unknown illness that ruined her life.

Kirsty was bitten by a mysterious bug in her back garden when she was just 12 years old. Unfortunately, the girl kept getting struck by illnesses since she was bitten. This has left her in chronic pain, too much for anyone to bear. Her condition recently went from worse to worst. The mum and daughter are from Maidstone, Kent in England. Theresa wants to take her daughter to a Swiss suicide clinic and give Kirsty a peaceful death.

“She can’t take medication as she’s vomiting so much, she’s tired, she’s weak and she wants to die,” Theresa told The Sun.

For seven years, medical experts kept saying that Kirsty has Lupus. However recently, a Guy’s Hospital doctor said that she might have been improperly diagnosed and received chemotherapy and other painful treatments for a disease she may not have had. Theresa thought that her daughter had Lyme disease but the results returned negative. The mum believes her only hope lies in the Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Florida, US.

“I can't believe it. Kirsty has been receiving chemotherapy, steroids and all sorts of damaging stuff, which she might not have needed. If it's EDS, she should have been having vital physiotherapy and she hasn't had any for seven years. I've read so much about lupus for years and now I've got to start again with something else. I'm so angry,” Theresa said.

However, a spokesperson for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust said that they don’t believe there was any wrong diagnosis. He added that the Trust is constantly in touch with leading medical experts and are trying to find the best way to treat Kirsty’s painful condition.