(IN PHOTO) The Shier Quintuplets (from left: Jonathan, Hannah, Rachel, Joshua and Sarah) await the start of their first birthday party January 22 at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. Mother Patty Shier adjusts the bonnet of a crying Hannah, as father Scot (R) speaks to the babies' doctors. Reuters

A mum-to-be is about to deliver quintuplets, which will be first in Perth (Western Australia) in the last 16 years. Twenty-six-year-old Kim has shot to fame after she announced she has become pregnant naturally with five babies.

She created a Facebook page, “Surprised by Five,” to share her story. This page has quickly gained nearly 20,000 followers since its creation on Sept 21. A mother of two, she was trying for the third child, but she and her husband encountered difficulties while trying to conceive a child, said a perthnow.com.au report.

She went into "shock and utter excitement" when the news that she was pregnant was sent to her. "I was about seven days past ovulation, my suspicion of a possible multiple pregnancy grew due to the quick rise of the pregnancy hormone," said Kim. "I was excited at the possibility of twins but absolutely nothing on this earth could have prepared me for what happened next," she said.

While she was going for an ultrasound, it revealed one heartbeat, then two, and finally five heartbeats. "My legs start to shake uncontrollably and all I can do is laugh," she said.

At her 12th week, she posted on her page that all her babies are doing well. "Poor things are already starting to look squashed," she posted on Facebook. Even though the gender of the babies are unknown at this stage, Kim said some of the babies may be identical. Kim is planning to give birth at Perth’s King Edward Memorial Hospital.

According to the yahoo.com report, recent health figures show that since 1980, only two sets of quintuplets were born in Western Australia and, in 1999, but there were 12 sets of quadruplets.

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