You can't go wrong with a box of Chocolates.
You can't go wrong with a box of Chocolates.

World Chocolate Day offers the perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate. But while they can usually be found in any supermarket and won't cost more than a few dollars, some chocolate are sold at ridiculously high prices.

Companies such as Debauve and Gallais, Knipschildt's and To'ak have all released their own luxurious chocolate, each with their special twist. But the world's most expensive chocolate is Le Chocolate Box by Simon Jewelers.

Priced at a whopping $1.5 million, the package is an exquisite blend of dessert and jewelry that only a select few will ever be able to enjoy and afford.

The box of chocolate came with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings covered in yellow and blue diamonds, emeralds and sapphires from Simon Jewelers. The box contained a dozen gourmet chocolates from Lake Forest Confections, Twisted reported.

However, Le Chocolate Box was mainly a promotional stunt, so it is no longer available anywhere, according to Ventured.

While much more affordable compared to Le Chocolate Box, another chocolate that makes the list of the priciest in the world is To'ak's premium dark chocolate. The Ecuadorian company takes pride in the rare cacao beans and method it uses to create its rich and decadent products. To'ak reportedly charged $400 for a single 50-gram bar of its expensive chocolate.

“If it were up to us, we would rather be called the world’s most valuable chocolate,” co-founder Jerry Toth said via The CEO Magazine.

Toth revealed that the company ages its cacao beans inside a French oak cognac cask for four years. “For the same reason that whisky brands charge more for their older bottles, we charge more for our older editions of chocolate,” he explained.

In 2019, Toth told Fox Business that despite the hefty price tag of its $385 limited-edition chocolate bar, they sold out within a month. The company followed it up with even more expensive chocolate that cost $685 a bar.

The pricier chocolate bar is called the "Art Series Blend" and was inspired by one of Ecuador's most renowned artists, Oswaldo Guayasamin. Toth said that the $685 bar came with a special edition copper-engraved tasting plate as well as an Ecuadorian bamboo tasting utensil.

For those who don't have $685 to spare, To’ak also offers a $355 chocolate bar that has been aged for two years in a single-malt whisky cask. Its first chocolate bar, the El Nino Harvest, also sold for $275.


Representational image of chocolate Photo: AlexanderStein - Pixabay