Moshi Sette Q Dual Wireless Charger Review

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The Moshi Sette Q dual wireless charger is a great looking device, but doesn't really work properly

Who Is The Moshi Sette Q Dual Wireless Charger For?

  • The Moshi Sette Q Dual Wireless Charger was designed to allow for up to two devices to charge wirelessly at the same time
  • The Moshi Sette Q also includes an additional USB-A port to charge a third device
  • The Moshi Sette Q is covered in fabric, making it easier on phones and eyes

Wires are such a thing of the past. We're moving towards an all-wireless future, and I am loving it. One of the most common areas where wires have been eliminated is charging, and Moshi wants to make that wireless charging experience even better with the Moshi Sette Q Dual Wireless Charger. This charger is designed to provide power to two devices at the same time, and can even provide power for a third, but not wirelessly.

Great Design And Idea

The Moshi Sette Q Dual Wireless Charger is a great idea that also has a sleek design. Wireless charging pads are a fantastic way to quickly charge a cell phone or other device without having to fiddle with cables and wires, and the Sette Q has two spots to use. This means someone can charge two cell phones, a cell phone and a pair of wireless earbuds, or some other combination of two devices that have wireless charging capabilities at the same time.

A look at the Moshi Sette Q charger with nothing on it

To keep the power flowing even more, there is a small USB-A port on the front of the Moshi Sette Q charge pad. This allows users to plug in a third device to charge. While this third device can't tap into the wireless charging, it's a nice inclusion for devices that can't charge wirelessly.

The Moshi Sette Q is covered in a grey fabric, which is both visually appealing and great for hardware. Instead of putting phones or other devices down onto the hard plastic used in most other wireless charging pads, they are more gently cradled with the fabric on the Sette Q.

The front USB-A port allows the Sette Q to be used to charge products that don't have wireless capabilities

The only complaint I have from a physical standpoint is that the wall adapter for the Moshi Sette Q is annoyingly large. I understand the need for a large wall adapter, but it's 2021. If a company makes a wall adapter that is big to the point where it takes up outlet space and prevents something else from being plugged in, that's a bad design. Unfortunately, the Sette Q's wall adapter does prevent other devices from being plugged in.

Major Issues

Of course, the look and design of a wireless charge pad are worthless if the device doesn't actually provide power. Unfortunately, that is the case with the Moshi Sette Q. When putting phones down onto the charge pad, most frequently the charge pad just does nothing. The phones don't register that they are being charged, and just sit there. Sometimes the charge pad does recognize a device, but it rarely will maintain a charge for long.

This phone is not being charged

One time I put my phone down on the Moshi Sette Q and watched as the charger proceeded to freak out. It would send power to my phone, but only for about 15 seconds at a time. My phone's screen was flickering on and off as it was getting charged, then wasn't, then was again over and over.

Like many others, I tend to charge my phone while I sleep. This has meant me putting my phone down on the Moshi Sette Q before bed. I have not woken up to my phone at full charge once. Most of the time, the battery level on my phone has actually decreased through the night because the charging stopped.

I know the issue is not with my phone. This performance from the Moshi Sette Q charger has been the same across three different phones. Each of the three phones behaves normally with other wireless chargers I have. The issue also isn't with the included cable and wall adapter, as my phones charge just fine when plugged into the cable itself.

This couldn't have been made smaller, or at least designed to not block other outlets?

I'm pretty sure the problem lies with the fact that placement on the Moshi Sette Q needs to be very precise. If a device is placed slightly off the mark, charging doesn't begin. Even if a phone is placed lengthwise on the Sette Q, it still will not charge. Devices need to be placed precisely on the plus sign on the pad, or don't expect good results. This is made more challenging if charging two devices, as putting one device down or reaching and picking it up could bump the other device out of its spot. Even then, I've watched phones randomly stop charging for no reason, even if they haven't been touched for several minutes.

Final Thoughts

It's best to skip over the Moshi Sette Q dual wireless charger. It's a real shame, as having a charge pad that can provide power to multiple devices is a great idea. It would mean only having to pack the Sette Q when travelling with my wife, as we could both charge our phones with one charger.

Considering the Sette Q retails for around $100, it was already a little pricey if it worked as intended. Those looking for a good solution for charging multiple devices at once should consider the ChargeHub X5+ Elite. While it can only charge one device wirelessly, the ChargeHub X5+ Elite also has five USB ports to charge up to six devices at the same time. It also has a normal sized plug and is less expensive than the Sette Q, though it is a little more bulky.

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