'Monster Hunter XX' adds Zelda, Ace Attorney, Garo, Okami and Strider Hiryu collaboration related quest
Battle against the elder dragons, Barufaruku. Capcom

“Monster Hunter XX” game has yet to be released but is already collaborating with other gaming franchises for several crossovers. Some of these include the likes of “Ace Attorney,” “Garo,” “Okami,” “Strider Hiryu” and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

The upcoming game bound for the Nintendo 3DS console is once once again expanding its already large crossover content library. The Capcom team has decided to include collaboration quests with “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Ace Attorney,” “Garo,” “Okami,” and the ninja character, Strider Hiryu. This collaboration projects was announced on March 10 and was accompanied by release videos that highlight each crossover.

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' crossover

The abovementioned game will add a Zelda-related collaborative quests for gamers to enjoy. The said quest will allow players to obtain rewards such as costume items for both their character and feline (Ailu) companions and a giant bow. The event will start on April 24 through 7-Eleven's Seven Spot shop. (See video at the end of the article.)

'Garo' and 'Okami' tie-ups

The “Garo” franchise, known for both its live-action tokusatsu and anime series, will also be getting its own collaboration event as well. The event will have players obtain the protagonist's signature gold armour and sword as a reward. (See video at the end of the article.)

On the other hand, the “Okami” collaboration campaign will highlight items for the Felyne companion. For players who would fancy to have a wolf-god as their companion, this is the ideal event for them.

'Ace Attorney' and Strider Hiryu collaborations

The “Ace Attorney” collaboration will allow the feline (Ailu) companion to sport the famous Phoenix Wright hair and courtroom outfit. The event will also allow the Ailu to use one of his Wright’s iconic “OBJECTION!” thought bubbles as a weapon in the game. These items will only be available from March 18 to 20. All of the Ailu’s crossover outfit photos can be viewed on Anime News Network.

Finally, the Strider Hiryu quests will reward players with the armour needed to transform their character into a full-fledged shinobi warrior. The quests will only be available from March 18 to 20. (See video at the end of the article.)

The “Monster Hunter XX” game will be released on March 18 of this year in Japan. The role-playing, action game is bound to be released by Capcom on the Nintendo 3DS platform. There is still no date as to when the global launch of the game will be.