"Super Mario Maker" sees a new take on the hit game. Nintendo Official Website

“Super Mario Maker” is about to make fans of “Monster Hunter” very happy, as a new costume based on the Felyne is now available to unlock. The Felyne has always been a companion to the player in “Monster Hunter,” and fans should have a good time using it in “Super Mario Maker,” even if it is in 8-bit form.

Considering that there aren’t any 8-bit “Monster Hunter” games, making the Felyn costume in that graphical style is a bit odd. There are “Super Mario” video games that are 8-bit, and fans can even make 8-bit levels in “Super Mario Maker,” which seems to be the main reason the said costume was made in such form.

Fans who are interested in playing as the 8-bit Felyne should beat the new course called “Ma Rio Hills,” according to Siliconera. It’s not yet known how difficult it is, but it does add some replayability to the level-building simulator.

Seeing “Monster Hunter” from Capcom make an impact on “Super Mario Maker” is a nice touch from both companies. After all, “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” is one of the biggest games in the Nintendo 3DS, selling very well and garnering plenty of positive reviews.

It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if even more “Monster Hunter” content would come to “Super Mario Maker” in the future. There was plenty of Nintendo-related content released for “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate,” so in a way, the move was expected.

An article from Destructoid has suggested even more events and costumes in the future. After all, the game seems to rely on creating levels and playing through them, so adding a few events here and there could expand the game’s lifespan.

That’s not to say “Super Mario Maker” is a bad game, far from it actually. The game has received plenty of praise since it was released on the Wii U and was even a “Game of the Year” nominee for this year’s Game Awards.

Should other games join “Monster Hunter” in these limited events, it will be interesting to see which particular titles participate. Adding games like “Legend of Zelda” or “Pokemon” is a no-brainer.

Credit: YouTube/Nintendo Official Channel

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