Brazilian UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter Anderson Silva attends an official weigh-in in Rio de Janeiro August 26, 2011. UFC Rio, a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) competition will be held in Rio de Janeiro on August 27.
Anderson Silva REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

Brazilian mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva is singing a different tune when it comes to facing fellow Brazilians for super fights. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) undefeated middleweight champion maintains that he is determined to climb the ladder to reclaim the belt that once was his but, if he has to challenge a fellow Brazilian to get there, he will take a pass.

"I'm at another phase," he revealed to Fox Sports. "If I have the chance to fight for the title again against Weidman or another fighter other than a Brazilian, I would fight for sure."

The 39-year-old fighter is set to face Nick Diaz as the main card of UFC 183 on Jan. 31 against Nick Diaz. After being out of commission for more than a year after he suffered the brutal leg injury to Chris Weidman in December 2013, Silva is raring to prove that he has plenty left in the tank.

Despite fighting his countrymen in the past, including Vitor Belfort and Demian Maia, the eighth pound-for-pound fighter thinks it is time for a unified Brazil and is even supporting erstwhile rival Vitor Belfort in his effort to vanquish Weidman at UFC 184. He thinks that the youngest ever UFC champion is destined to reclaim the title given that the belt is Brazil's to win. His declaration of not fighting any of his fellow Brazilians will be a tough challenge given that the division is aplomb with talented contenders, such as Lyoto Machida and Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza.

One non-Brazilian who is in the side of Silva is current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones who has vowed to help in the training of his friend and is also hoping for Silva to knock out Diaz. "Bones" and "Spider" famously sparred at the UFC headquarters last year and have remained in touch since then. Both fighters have had kind words for each other and have credited each other for new tricks and techniques in the Octagon.

Jones, who just trails Silva with two wins for most consecutive title defences, is predicting a stoppage in the upcoming bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The controversial champion has revealed that he will soon join the camp of Silva at the Black House Gym in California to help him prepare for the match.

Update: It is unclear if Jones will continue on his promise to help Silva train as the UFC light heavyweight champion has entered a rehabilitation facility after testing positive for cocaine use.

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