Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise poses on the red carpet for a screening of the film "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" in New York July 27, 2015. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

A new trailer of “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” has been released. The video teases scenes of the new villain Solomon Lane (Sean Harris). The film will explore the consequences of all the things that have happened to Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), mostly at the hands of his own government.

“There cannot be peace without first a great suffering,” Solomon says in the film. The movie will begin with the villain as a captive, but he will later escape in a daring rescue mission from his team. Even while being a prisoner, the villain will warn of the end that is coming.

Ethan appears to be getting the blame for whatever the villain will do in the film. Solomon warns of blood on Ethan’s hands.

The problem for Ethan will be not just the apprehension of the villain, but an observer who will tag along. The CIA will take over the mission, and they will send their man to oversee the operation. August Walker (Henry Cavill) is described as a hammer, as compared to Hunt being described as a scalpel.

Going off the reservation is not an option this time around, so Ethan will have to do everything by the book. If he goes rogue, August has been authorised to hunt him down and kill him.

One of the scenes in the trailer appears to be hinting at an atomic bomb going off. The clock is ticking, and if Ethan doesn’t stop the villain’s plans he will lose everyone he ever cared about.

Just as always, there are lots of action sequences in the film. The money shot appears to be a helicopter sequence over snow-capped mountains, in which August will take on Ethan; and the two characters will be flying in their own helicopters.

“Mission: Impossible- Fallout” is set to be released on August 2 in Australia.

Credit: Paramount Pictures/ YouTube