Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr has faced many criticisms after posting a picture of her on Instagram with a drastically slimmer waist. In the picture, Kerr was with her fellow Victoria's Secret angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes and it was pretty noticeable how Kerr's waist looked awfully slimmer than the two models.

Kerr did not walk in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because she had to work with designer Michael Kors in Japan. She posted the picture to show her support for the event. "Sending love and best wishes to the Victoria's Secret angels from Japan," Kerr wrote.

Kerr has over 2 million followers on the said photo-sharing Website, and some of them weren't so pleased to see the picture she posted. Her waist is already slim as it is, but there was just something in the picture that doesn't look right.

An Instagram user even called Kerr a weirdo. "Why photoshop your waist to look 10," the user wrote. "I have been thinking how completely unnatural you look lately, and now it is proven to your heavy-handedness with Photoshop, shame, seeing that you look naturally thin anyway, that's just weird," added the user.

Designer Ange Lanton has also commented and told Kerr to explain her side. "Miranda should maybe address this picture," Ange wrote on Instagram. "It has obviously been photoshopped and it might be better for you to explain to your fans what happened," Ange added.

The photo has already been deleted, and Kerr explained that she has never edited the image.

"Hi guys, here is the original Victoria Secret image," Kerr wrote. "When I posted the picture last week to support the girls, I screen-grabbed if off the Internet when I was still in Japan, and I had no idea it has been photoshopped," she added. "All good intentions and sorry for the confusion," she said.

It was an honest mistake on Kerr. She explained her side and people shouldn't really make it hard on her.