Valderrama Plays Will Blake In 'Minority Report'
Actor Wilmer Valderrama arrives at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California, United States August 16, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Minority Report,” the new Fox TV series, is in danger of getting cancelled. The adaptation of the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie may be the first series in the 2015-2016 TV season to be cut.

Yahoo writes that “Minority Report” was previously described as one of the highly anticipated TV series of the season before it launched. However, the first three episodes did not generate enough viewers and ratings continued to drop. The show premiered on Sept. 21 to indicate the beginning of the fall TV season in the United States. Only 3 million viewers watched the pilot episode. The next two episodes had only 2.68 million and 2.28 million viewers, respectively.

“Minority Report” is already at risk of getting cancelled. Fox might give the show more time to gain momentum, although this is not a popular move by most TV networks. The first season is comprised of 13 episodes. If ratings remain lacklustre, Fox might drop the show altogether and possibly replace it with “Lucifer,” a new series that the network originally slated to launch in 2016.

Deadline reveals that Fox reduced the total “Minority Report” episodes to 10 for its first season. The last three were set to be presented later. Initially, episode 10 was made to be the fall finale, but it will now become the season finale. If the show fails to improve in viewership, Episode 10 might be the series finale. The TV show still airs every Monday at 9 pm.

“Minority Report” was created by 20th Century Fox, Paramount TV and Amblin TV. The show stars Meagan Good, Wilmer Valderrama, Star Sands, Nick Zano, Laura Regan, Daniel London, Zhane Hall and Li Jun Li. The plot revolves around precognitive individuals who get visions of crimes before these are carried out, giving authorities enough time to catch the criminal and prevent the danger.

So far, the TV series has not been well-received by fans, who described the first few episodes as “predictable” and “plodding.” The creators of the show will have to come up with more interesting ways to liven up the plot, or everything will tank soon.

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