"Minecraft" care packages will come in the form of Mine Chests. Mine Chest official website

“Minecraft” is dabbling into the Loot Crate territory, thanks to its very own creation dubbed as the Mine Chest. Now fans can look beyond the blocks in-game and look forward to some boxy shipments that come with the new program.

Developer Mojang has announced over its official website that the Mine Chest will be a monthly shipment for “Minecraft” fans. The monthly subscription will bring in a lot of “Minecraft” goodies, with some exclusive-access for items that will not be available anywhere else officially.

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The Mine Chest will supposedly a number of “Minecraft” gear, exclusive items and even DIY crafting recipes straight to fans. The care package will have some form of in-game location reference, such as the Jungles, the Frozen Plains and even the Nether. On the official Mine Chest website, there is currently a countdown for the beta chest set for 10 days as of writing.

The first few ones who order will be guaranteed a limited Mine Chest Beta, and it serves as the start of the Mine Chest monthly shipping. The Mine Chest costs US$29.99 per month. Sadly, subscription is currently limited only for those in the U.S. But “Minecraft” developer Mojang is already working on a way to get the boxes to areas outside the U.S.

In related “Minecraft” news, its creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, will be receiving the Pioneer Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards come the GDC 2016. According to Venture Beat, this is for his work with “Minecraft,” considered as one of the most popular games bearing more than 70 million sales to date.

Persson will be joining another fellow honoree who will be recognised for her work in the field. These include Tracy Fullerton for the Ambassador Reward due to her role in advancing games like “Flow” and “Darfur is Dying.”