The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

The upcoming PS4 system software is getting another test run for fans following the first September run. And Sony is opening testing to PS4 owners once more.

Announced over the official PlayStation Blog, the company confirmed that signups for the beta testing is already underway. The advantage of this is that participating PS4 players will be the first to see the next batch of features coming to the PS4.

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The beta run will start in March, but signups can be done here. Sony will send an email to beta program testers for all the instructions. In case the testers want to go back to the previous system, a roll back feature is in place. As beta testers are expected to share their thoughts on the new PS4 features, the PlayStation Forums are the venue to discuss the beta features for feedback.

This weekend will be a special one for PS4 players who have yet to get a PS Plus subscription. Sony has announced that the online multiplayer modes for all PS4 games will be free to play even with no subscription to the PS Plus service.

The promo comes at an opportune time, since “Street Fighter V” has just launched. Sadly, the free online multiplayer weekend is only offered for those in North America. It will start on Feb. 19 and will run until Feb. 21, Gamezone reported.

For those planning to play “Street Fighter V,” the weekend will be a great time as well. The launch did not roll out as smoothly for its online component thanks to some connectivity issues. According to GameSpot, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono personally apologised for the matter. As of writing, the issues have been mostly resolved for both the PS4 and PC platforms.

Online connectivity issues should occur less frequently with the stabilisation of the service. Matchmaking issues should already be resolved as well since the team has already implemented server side solutions following identification of the root cause.

PlayStation Plus free multiplayer weekend (Credit: YouTube/ConorGamingzHD)