Mojang has delivered the newest snapshot for 2016 for "Minecraft." Mojang

Following closely after the release of a humongous update for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, “Minecraft” developer Mojang has released a new snapshot in preparation for the “Minecraft 1.9” update. The first snapshot of the year is Snapshot 16W02.

The new snapshot features bug fixes, which is quite a lot based on the list enumerated over at the official Mojang website. From displays of mobs outside the spawner to Zombie Pigmen getting angry when they are hit during creative mode, there are a couple of bugs fixed as per community feedback.

Other notable additions that come with the latest snapshot are less rendering issues with glow effects, balancing for combat mechanics and tamed artificial enderdragons. The developer is on the lookout for bugs in the latest snapshot. “Minecraft” fans can report bug finds over at this link.

As usual, for those who are going to check out the snapshot, it is best to have a backup of worlds to avoid any issues. Snapshots can corrupt the “Minecraft” world as they are still a work in progress.

Fans who are playing “Minecraft: Story Mode” can expect some good news for its Wii U version. Telltale Games, developer of the “Minecraft” spin-off title, will roll out the first episode of the game on Jan. 21.

According to Eurogamer, “Minecraft: Story Mode” episode one will be priced at US$4.99 (approx. AU$7). The Wii U version will also have a Season Pass offer for those who are planning to get all succeeding episodes.

Telltale’s first title on the Wii U will have a unique feature of off-TV play using the GamePad. The Wii U will also make use of touchscreen controls for “Minecraft: Story Mode.” This is a good preparation for the upcoming arrival of “Minecraft: Wii U Edition” update, which has recently debuted on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

"Minecraft: Story Mode" for Wii U (Credit: YouTube/IGN News)