Millionaire son burns his Ferrari 458 Italia down to get a new one

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France Fabien Barthez drives his Ferrari 458 Italia
France Fabien Barthez drives his Ferrari 458 Italia during the Le Mans 24-hour sportscar race in Le Mans, central France June 15, 2014. The Ferrari 458 Italia number 58 is also driven by France's Soheil Ayari and Anthony Pons. Reuters/Stephane Mahe

The unnamed son of a Swiss millionaire has torched his Ferrari 458 Italia over the border of German town Augsburg. The 20-year-old wanted to obtain the insurance money for his old car in order to buy a better and faster car model. This attempt to scam for a sports car has sentenced him to probation of almost two years.

According to the local media, he arranged for two arsonists to burn his sports car in an industrial car park so that he could claim the insurance amount easily and buy a newer Ferrari model. Unfortunately, the boy neither received compensation for his torched car nor money to buy the newly launched fascinating four-wheeler for himself.

The reports say that the boy already had 14 more cars,  including a Lamborghini, apart from the one he burnt. Unfortunately for him, there was a security camera that captured the whole incident. The footage and the call logs made it clear that the man was linked to the arsonists.

According to 20 Minutes newspaper, translated by the NY Daily News , the boy met a salesman who told him that it would be difficult for him to buy the new model as his current Ferrari would not be enough for the cost of the new one. Therefore, the salesman suggested that he should destroy his Ferrari and claim for compensation from the insurance company.

During the hearing in the court, it was found that the kid receives AU$13,000 per month from his dad and owns property worth millions of pounds. The prosecutors urged for a jail sentence for everyone involved in the plan but the judge decided to keep him on probation of almost two years and a fine of AU$44,000.

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