You have got to see this commercial ad. The popular sportswear and footwear retailer, Foot Locker, has released a new hilarious commercial featuring Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Craig Sager, Dennis Rodman and Brett Favre.

The ad starts with Kyrie Irving, who currently plays for NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, with a couple of guys promoting the upcoming Week of Greatness. "A whole week of the most premium kicks, it feels like, all is right with the world," Irving said as he begins to daydream. Then, as Irving begins to have his head in the clouds, he sees Mike Tyson ringing the doorbell of Evander Holyfield's house. Holyfield opens the door and then Tyson, looking apologetic, handed him a box. "I am sorry Evander, it's your ear," said Tyson before giving Holyfield his ear. "My ear," exclaimed Holyfield. "I kept that in formaldehyde," said Tyson.

Tyson was pretty excited about the ad and announced it his 3.9 million followers on Twitter. "Check me and @holyfield out in the foot locker commercial," Tyson wrote on Twitter. "Classic, I give him back his ear," he wrote along with a YouTube link of the said ad.

The commercial ad also shows Dennis Rodman buying a one-way ticket to North Korea and Craig Sager burning all his suits. One scene also shows Brett Favre, who stops eating in the restaurant. "It was great, but a man's got to know when to walk away," Favre told the waitress.

It was a great commercial, truly an all-star cast. It will definitely make you smile.

Foot Locker has featured some of the biggest names in the sports industry. It once featured James Harden and Stephen Curry in an ad showcasing their singing antics. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul have also appeared in The Endorser ad.

However, this new commercial might just be the best of them all. Check out and amuse yourself with the said video below.

Video courtesy: YouTube/ComeWatchThis7


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