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As the speculations surrounding the Microsoft Windows 10 are gaining traction, Microsoft is reportedly ending its mainstream support to the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) OS. Specifically, the support for this OS version ends today i.e. Jan. 13, 2015.

By ending the "mainstream support," the Windows 7 OS users will reportedly be on the "extended support" period under Microsoft. Apparently, the tech giant is gearing up to persuade users that did not upgrade to the Windows 8 OS to upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 instead, says GSM Arena.

What Is "End Of Mainstream Support?"

The terminology end of mainstream support means the Windows 7 OS will not receive any new features, enhancements or any design changes from Microsoft. However, there is no need to panic as the Windows 7 users will still receive security updates until Jan. 14, 2020, says GSM Arena.

In addition, the end of mainstream support also means that the complimentary phone and online customer support from Microsoft will not be available for Windows 7 users anymore. Nonetheless, users can still avail the customer support via the paid online and phone support for the next 5 years in case there should be any need for assistance from Microsoft. Therefore, in general, the Windows 7 will remain as it is today but will be offered no changes or enhancements in the future, except for the much-required security patches.

Does This Affect Windows 7 Pro?

ZDNet points out that, the Jan. 13 deadline does not mean the end of sales cut-off date for systems running on Windows 7 Pro. Apparently, the company has not officially announced a date from when the Windows 7 Pro will no longer be shipped to retailers or manufacturers. Notably, Microsoft representatives have confirmed that the company will provide a one-year notice period before the end-of-sale date.

Beginning Oct. 31, 2014, the tech giant reportedly stopped offering its PC partners and systems builders with copies of Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate (but not Professional) to pre-install on the new systems. Despite this, manufacturers were allowed to sell their existing stock of PCs running the aforesaid versions of Windows 7 OS. In any case, Microsoft will not reportedly re-stock the supplies. It is worth noting that Microsoft Windows 7 OS still holds more than 50 percent of the operating system market share across the globe.

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