Microsoft Surface Pro
Panos Panay, corporate vice president for Surface Computing at Microsoft Corp, unveils the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in New York May 20, 2014. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

The possible coming of a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is still in the air, though there is no clear indication of a tablet successor coming out from the Redmond giant. Most are still hoping to see a successor to follow the recently released Surface laptops, but a recent take from Microsoft CVP Panos Panay may douse water on all that.

In an interview with CNet, the Microsoft CVP for Surface Computing mentioned that the Surface Pro is good for up to five years in the market. A lot of that may be tied up to the tablets' advanced features, which mean that only a new groundbreaking technology may entice the Redmond company to buckle down and work on a successor.

That said, seeing a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 come out in the near future would make sense. Critics have suggested that even if there was one coming out this 2017, it would come with minor changes, features that may not impress. Hence, there is a chance that the recently released Surface laptops geared to the educational sector could be the closest the consumer electronics will get as far as new mobile solutions from Microsoft.

Aside from that, Panos also tackled the technically mythical name of the Pro 5. As far as he is concerned, there is no such thing as a Surface Pro 5. Such has led many to speculate that there would be a name change happening soon for up and coming devices for the Microsoft Surface series.

One thing going for Microsoft is that rival brands are still trying to catch up to them. There are Huawei and HP who have announced their respective 2-in-1 tablets, both obviously taking aim at the Microsoft Surface Pro. Both do have original features but apparently not enough to sound off the alarm for Panos and company.

To date, most devices have centered their advancements on virtual reality, delivering high-definition display and biometric security. From the looks of it, Microsoft seems to be scoffing at the innovations and are looking at new technology that no other company has yet to offer.

It could be something that they are working on right now, with Panos perhaps the only one aware on what exactly that is. So unless other brands have one under the covers, Microsoft will take its time and wait for any real threat. As things stand now, they can simply sit back and enjoy the ride leading the technology sector when it comes to flexible mobile solutions packed with necessary power for everyday use.