Nokia by Microsoft Branding REUTERS/Bogdan Cristelo

Microsoft is going to unveil the unannounced the Lumia 435 handset very soon. It has been approved by a regulatory body called Anatel in Brazil which is equivalent to FCC of the U.S. In Dec 2014, PhoneArena had reported that the handset had reached FCC for certification.

According to PhoneArena, the Lumia 435 specs details that have surfaced indicate that it comes with similar specs that are available on the Lumia 520, the most popular Windows Phone handset till now. The source had stated that the device was certified in Indonesia. It revealed that the Lumia 435 has up to five variants.

Since the handset has been approved by regulatory bodies in the U.S., Indonesia and Brazil, the Lumia 435 is expected to hit the stands soon. PhoneArena says that the device was sent to India for inter-company testing purpose with a proposed price of $57 for each device. So, when it comes in the market, it would probably be the cheapest Lumia device ever.

The Lumia 435 will slot itself as an entry-level phone. The RM-1068 variant of the Lumia 435 supports dual-SIM cards. The low-end Lumia 435 will not support 4G LTE connectivity. However, it will support 3G connectivity.

According to WM Power User, it will come housed with a 4-inch display that will support a display resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a pixel density of 235 ppi. It will be driven by Snapdragon 200 chipset. It also expected to arrive with a 5 MP rear camera. The Lumia 435 will also come with an exclusive BV-5J battery and the device measures 64.7 x 118.1 mm.

WM Power User says that the Lumia 435 will be launched to replace the Nokia X range of phones that are powered with Android OS. It further claims that Anatel has the pictures of the Lumia 435; however, it will keep them confidential until Jan. 30. It also says that Microsoft may possibly reveal the handset on Jan 21. The Lumia 435 is going to be the first Windows Phone handset from Microsoft this year.

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