Tech giant Microsoft has big ambitions for its futuristic headset HoloLens. While the device still has a long way to go, it has displayed quite a number of exceptional capabilities, the latest of which is the ability to stream the Xbox One exclusive title “Halo 5: Guardians.”

Microsoft employees who already have the prototype device have already started sharing clips that show off how the technology works. Based on the video seen below, HoloLens is starting to look promising in delivering a new experience for people to interact with video games.

Shared over YouTube, the video in question is from Microsoft Project Manager Varun Mani. As seen below, it shows Mani streaming the “Halo 5: Guardians” from his Xbox One to his “HoloLens” headset. Mani was able to put a floating hologram-like display on a wall so he can play the game. The recent videos including the Xbox One exclusive “Halo 5: Guardians” video is a solid indication of how complex the augmented and virtual reality technology is.

Mani’s video may be the start of more HoloLens gaming in action. Microsoft is encouraging HoloLens developers to demonstrate the product in action via short clips, created and shared to the public with the hashtag “MadeWithHoloLens.”

Amazing as this is, the video uploaded by the team also raise many questions. According to the previous considerations in virtual and augmented reality technology, it's clear that virtual images appear in a very small area in front of the person using the “HoloLens” prototypes, The Verge reported. However, the videos feature a full field of view. Over the past year, Microsoft hasn’t said much about the technologies they are using.

Previously, there have been other clips showing off streaming from the Xbox One to the HoloLens. These include video snippets of “Candy Crush” and shows from NetFlix.

“HoloLens” is Microsoft’s own device entry into the world of virtual reality gaming. It is an augmented reality headset that runs on a Windows new operating system called “Windows Holographic.” “HoloLens” will be available at the price of US$ 3,000 (approx. AU$ 4,102), according to Business Insider.

Microsoft also wants people to help build the next “HoloLens app.” The company has started a contest that will run until Jan. 11, 2016 and anyone willing and interested to submit their ideas can join.

This is a great chance for creative fans to explore possibilities with Microsoft’s HoloLens. The company is not asking for any kind of programming or coding skills. Instead anybody who can come up with a great HoloLens app idea can contribute to the program.

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Streaming Halo 5: Guardians from Xbox One to HoloLens (Credit: YouTube/VarunMani