A Sony employee holds a Sony Xperia Z3 and a Sony Smartband Talk during the IFA Electronics show in Berlin September 4, 2014
A Sony employee holds a Sony Xperia Z3 and a Sony Smartband Talk during the IFA Electronics show in Berlin September 4, 2014. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

Three smart wearables from three major players will be matched against each other in terms of its unique designs and features. It will be interesting to note which among the fitness trackers from titans like Microsoft, Sony and Jawbone would be perfect for every health aficionados' needs.

The Microsoft Band

The Band is Microsoft's first venture in the world of fitness trackers. Upon its launch it has receive quite a handful of criticisms about its performance. The tech company had done some re-working to do. Venture Beat reported that 12 new custom workouts have been injected to the Microsoft Health app that can be used with the Band.

Apparently, Microsoft worked hand in hand with Gold's Gym, Men's Fitness magazine and best-selling fitness author Mark Rippetoe to come up with a workout program called Guided Workouts. Users of the Band can already download the program, which now has more than 100 workouts from the Health app. Instructional videos on how to perform the routines using Microsoft's fitness tracker are also available.

Now to know more about the wearable, the Band has a touchscreen with an interface that features the same tiles design used in Windows phones. The user can tap each tile that offers different functions such as the custom workouts, settings, sleep and whole lot more. According to Microsoft, the Band uses a firmware that can work with iOS, Windows and Android, instead of having an own OS.

The Band features an optical heart rate sensor, sleep tracker and a step counter, which gives its user a daily 5000-steps goal reminding them to be more active. It is also equipped with GPS for tracking routes. With all these features, the Microsoft Band costs US$199.

Sony SmartBand Talk

Sony's entry to the smart wearables arena sports a 1.4-inch screen that uses e-ink technology similar to what is used on e-book readers.The e-ink's power saving feature gives the device a very good advantage. It also has a low screen resolution of 296 x 128.

The SmartBand Talk can track the number of steps and is synced with Sony's Lifelog app, which records the users activities and providing rough computations such as the amount of calories burned. According to CNET, the wearable can also take-in calls, which is useful especially during emergency.

The device is also IP68 standard certified, meaning it's totally dust-proof and can be submerged in water. Sony's own version of fitness tracker costs US$170 or AU$240.

Jawbone UP Move

The UP Move by Jawbone is one of the most popular fitness trackers in the industry. Its no display clip design which measures around 2cmx2cmx1cm thick gives the device a more unique feel.

It offers standard features like monitoring of steps and distance taken, calories burned and can observe when the user is active or inactive. It comes with a stopwatch feature wherein the user can tell the device when he is about to do a certain activity and when the user is about to stop or would shift to another routine. It also features a sleep tracking mode.

Just like its rivals, the UP Move also comes with an app called Jawbone UP app, which records and monitors the users' daily activities. Wareable also reports that the device is packed with a tiny cell battery which can withstand six months of use. The Jawbone UP Move costs US$49.99.

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