Despite an end to the long-drawn battle between Victoria government and Melbourne airport regarding the location of the railway station, Premier Jacinta Allan dashed hope that the much awaited rail link to the airport would be completed by 2030.

Addressing the media, the premier said, "You'd have to ask the airport how they think after four years of delays that can magically be washed away," she said when asked about the timeline for completing the airport rail link, ABC News reported.

Allan did not mince words as she lashed out at the airport authorities in causing the delay.

"We needed their approval to be able to get into the airport footprint itself to be able to do early investigations or site investigations, we haven't been able to do that. For a project the airport aren't putting one single dollar into, mind you, they were continuing to pursue that position right up until late last night."

On Monday, airport's CEO Lorie Argus announced their decision to support the state government's proposal in constructing an above ground station, which experts had termed a cheaper option vis-à-vis the airport's demand for an underground station.

The Victorian government opposed the airport's demand, saying it was more expensive, and refused to fund the station as the stalemate continued.

Announcing the decision to back down from the choice of underground station, Argus hoped the rail link would be completed by 2030, and by the time the third runaway was inaugurated, which would bring an estimated 45 million travelers annually, The Guardian reported.

In May this year, the Victorian government had announced an extension of four more years to 2033 for the rail link to be completed due to the stalemate with the airport operator, Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne.

As the authorities engaged in a standoff over the station, the AU$10 billion rail link from the airport in Melbourne's north-west to the CBD had been delayed for years.

Argus stated the airport was compromising after independent mediator Neil Scales in his report backed the Victorian government's plan, asking the airport authorities to design a comprehensive business plan that would be viable.

Argus pointed out coming up with an alternate plan would have delayed the project by another two years, that too without a guarantee of it being successful. "Enough reviews have been done now," she said. "We need to accept the state position and work constructively to get that train in place ... so we've made the compromise."

In 2020, the state and deferral government had dedicated AU$5 billion each towards the project. However, Allan said impasse had overshadowed the negotiations with the federal government on deciding compensations for land.

Pierce Tyson, mayor of Moonee Valley Council, which will host the rail line, welcomed the airport's decision.