A 21-foot tall model of the Transformers character Optimus Prime is displayed on the red carpet before the world premiere of the film "Transformers: Age of Extinction" in Hong Kong June 19, 2014. Reuters/Tyrone Siu

The “Transformers” franchise has global reach, with collectors ready to showcase thousands of toys. Two such collectors are right here in Australia. Videos released by Hasbro Australia shows two Cybertron collectors who have thousands of toys, neatly placed in the shelves of their homes.

Kelvin has been playing with Transfomer toys and collecting them from childhood. The first video [see below] teases his massive connection, and some childhood memories of Kelvin and his love for the franchise.

Bumblebee is Kelvin’s favourite transformer, which isn’t surprising because the character is so well loved that the first spin-off movie of the franchise is an origin story of this very character.

Kelvin has different iterations of Bumblebee, showing the evolution of the character over the years through the toys. His favourite version is still the original Beetle car. Kelvin pointed out how well the Beetle toy has been designed, as it easily converts into a robot.

The time when Bumblebee was a Beetle, Kelvin points out, all the other Autobots were trucks and fancy race cars. Bumblebee was the only robot who wasn’t flashy. This aspect of the character “epitomises” the idea of robot in disguise, according to Kelvin.

The second video [see below] shows over 6,500 Transformer toys that belong to Aussie fan Griffin. As a kid, Griffin used to see his friends bring a few Autobot toys to school, and he was hooked. His journey began when he got one of these toys as a gift, and he has never stopped collecting them ever since.

Griffin takes care to photograph and catalogue each new addition to his collection. He also has a website that has pictures of all his toys.

Both Kelvin and Griffin should be gearing up to add to their collection soon because Australia’s biggest toy convention is just around the corner. PlayWorld is happening this weekend in Sydney.

Credit: Hasbro Australia/ YouTube