Mayweather vs McGregor bout: The odds and possibilities

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Mayweather vs McGregor date, undercard and latest odds
Mayweather vs McGregor Infographic created by Technomoz

In two months, boxing fans will witness what could be "one of the most phenomenal fights of the year." Thanks to the one and only Dana White, the much-awaited Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor bout is expected to set the ring on fire on August 26. The event will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Quick facts:

It is indeed going to be a blockbuster Showtime PPV. Although its price has not yet been set, possibilities are high that it would be in the $100 range.

Rules: Standard boxing match, 12-round bouts, 10-ounce gloves

Weight class: Super welterweight (154 lbs)

Age: Floyd Mayweather, 40 - Conor McGregor, 29

Height: Floyd Mayweather, 5’8” - Conor McGregor, 5'9”

Reach: Floyd Mayweather, 72” - Conor McGregor, 74”

The match involves an iconic boxer and a much younger MMA superstar. Bars are already filled with debates regarding the odds and possibilities of the fight.

How the odds stack up

On November 17, odds were at -2200 for Floyd Mayweather and +950 for McGregor. On February 2017, it got to around -850 and +525, respectively. By April 30, odds declined further to -750 and +475. On the day the fight was announced, Mayweather’s odds were at -1100. However, when the day concluded, odds declined to -800 and +500. On June 15, odds were at -600 and +400.

“The traditionalists would definitely favor the boxing legend while the young MMA fans are rooting for McGregor," Alexander Kostin of the UK leading bookmaker comparison site Bet-bonuscode stated. "Conor is the hero in octagon, and we all know how Mayweather never fails to amaze us. Yes, he might be past his prime, but 'Money' is a legend and would always be. So odds are good on both the sides. Thus, put your bet wisely and do not proceed without meticulous calculation."

“McGregor would be done just in ten seconds," noted a boxing traditionalist.

Most experts are predicting another win for Mayweather. Looking at his formidable record, it is likely that the indomitable boxing champ would again bob and weave smoothly out of trouble.

However, one cannot deny the fact that “Money” has been out of the game for a couple of years. Since fans are expecting him to be in his legendary stellar form, Mayweather needs to give it his best. On the other hand, McGregor is enjoying his heyday as the best UFC star so far.

Joe Rogan, famous UFC commentator, sees much potential in Conor. “There is something unique about the guy. I mean he has that ‘extra special quotient’ that you look for in a true champ. But Conor would require the line-up," he claimed in one his podcasts last March, which was mostly about the much-awaited fight.

Rogan also noted that while both fighters are put on the same weight division, McGregor actually towers over Mayweather. “Conor is bigger compared to Floyd. If you look at them framewise while both of them are standing next to one another and doing eye-to-eye, then you will be like, oh! Because when Alvarez was doing the same with McGregor, we all saw how big his (McGregor’s) head is.”

Does this mean a mighty win for McGregor? It is certainly possible. Then again, nobody can dare dismiss Mayweather. While McGregor might be familiar with the confines of the Octagon, Floyd has been dealing with the science of boxing for a long time.

Forbes recently published another analysis of the fight, including the chances of the UFC fighter winning. Either way, fans should expect a neck and neck battle despite the noticeable age difference between the fighters. Supporters continue to give props to McGregor for having the courage to challenge one of the greatest boxers of all time. The previous $100 million Mayweather vs Pacquiao match was reportedly a disappointment despite the hype. This time, it seems that Mayweather is set to face another equal.