“Mass Effect: Andromeda” is scheduled for release in 2016 but a update within the studio may hit the franchise with a major setback. BioWare has lost Senior Development Director Chris Wynn during the middle of development. Reports also suggest that BioWare has no replacement for Wynn at the moment.

Wynn took to Twitter to announce his departure from BioWare. The announcement came right before Christmas and it is certainly something that does not make for a very great gift for“Mass Effect” fans.

Before fans can feel their holidays become desolate however, BioWare released a new statement. Released via Game Informer, the developer confirmed that the development of “Mass Effect: Andromeda” will continue to progress.

“Chris was a great member of the team. We want to thank him for his contributions and we wish him the best in his new adventures. Development of Mass Effect Andromeda continues to move full speed ahead at BioWare Montreal, Edmonton and Austin,” said BioWare in its statement.

Losing a key member from a development team of a large-scaled game like “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is usually considered a sign of delay in project. In reaction to the announcement, gamers across social media platforms and gaming websites have even started speculating that the upcoming “Mass Effect” title may not be released in 2016. GameRant also reported that BioWare Montreal has no one to replace Wynn at this time and the wait for a successor may continue this holiday season.

The “Mass Effect” franchise is still suffering from negative impressions due to “Mass Effect 3.” There is a long discussion in the online community over on the BioWare official forum. A lot of the discussions suggest that many players felt the “Mass Effect 3” was rushed and incomplete game. Later, the developer released an extended ending DLC for the title.

Wynn had been working on “Mass Effect: Andromeda” as a key player, so it is not surprising that the sudden news of his departure from BioWare is leading to speculation among fans. It’ll also be interesting to see who will be working on “Mass Effect: Andromeda” next as the releases for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC in scheduled for Dec. 2016.

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Official E3 2015 Announce Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Mass Effect)