Marvel Future Fight 2.9
In-game screenshot of Marvel Future Fight game logo and new villain, Dormammu Netmarble

The latest “Marvel Future Fight” update will not only bring new characters into the game but will also introduce a new mode for players to choose from. These new stage promises to give gamers an even more higher chance in collecting gold rewards in the game.

The new mode that will be released in the upcoming “Marvel Future Fight” update is called the Massive Gold SNK. This mode can be found under the Alliance Arena tab menu.

Apart from this, there was no other information left for the players to study on regarding this mode. The Netmarble team has made their fans scratch their heads in thinking how this mode will be played and what prerequisites must be met in order to participate in the mode.

Some of the game’s fans have shared their opinion regarding the matter through a Reddit post. One of the ideas that they gave was that this new mode would probably need several item requirements in order for a player to participate.

Some say that players would need to give 50 thousand gold and two clear tickets in order to get one round of play in this mode. Others are stating that a monetary purchase is needed in order to play the Massive Gold SNK stage.

As for how the mode will be played, there are also several speculations that fans have thought about. One of which is the possibility of the mode to be like a Marvel-themed slot machine game. This would be the chance where gamers would gamble and use their clear tickets, crystals or gold and would hope on getting a better outcome or possibly the jackpot.

Other are assuming that since the photo highlighted Spider-Man in the mode, there could be a chance that the gameplay would be similar to that of the original Sonic or Mario games. The gameplay would probably have players use Spider-Man and let them run all around the battlefield with a goal of not being hit as much as possible. Each successful hit will then cause Spidey to lose a certain amount of coins and players must scramble to collect back as much coins as possible until the battle ends.

The end reward for this type of cat and mouse game will be based on how many coins the players would have left once the game has ended. The rewards can be equivalent gold, uniform upgrade chips, level three chips, selected bio and many more.

But regardless of what this “Marvel Future Fight” update will bring, fans will surely look forward to it. The update is expected to run live around sometime this week depending on the players timezone and location.