After releasing the “Rise of the Empire” play set that pleased fans of “Star Wars,” it seems like Disney interactive will focus on Marvel fans with the upcoming “Marvel Battlegrounds” play set for “Disney Infinity 3.0.” The play set will come with three new figures and a storyline featuring heroes and villains from the comics and movies.

Previous play sets from the “Disney Infinity” series focused on kart racing, dungeon crawling and child friendly first person shooting. “Marvel Battlegrounds” will introduce a new arcade-brawler style of gameplay to the “Disney Infinity” series, along with four-player co-op, so players can have fun brawling with their friends.

Comic Book has also confirmed that the mode will be compatible with all of the “Disney Infinity” figurines released so far. Should a player want to team up Spider-Man with Mulan, Luke Skywalker and Baymax, then they can do so without any problems whatsoever.

The storyline for the mode is an original one, but does feature the two main villains that have appeared in the “Avengers” films: Loki and Ultron. Both characters plan on stealing the Infinity Stones from Asgard and have made robot duplicates of the Marvel Super Heroes to distract the real versions and commit their crime, reports Game Informer.

It will be up to the player’s chosen characters to defeat these robotic imposters and take on two of the most powerful villains in the set. Thankfully players will be getting some extra help, as Marvel and Disney have revealed new figurines for the set: Hulkbuster Iron Man, Captain America in his “First Avenger” costume and, oddly enough Ultron.

The new Captain America figure will not be wearing his helmet and poses differently than the previous figure based on the icon. He holds his shield down and looks serious, which was actually one of the posters released for “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

It isn’t known if the figurine will have different abilities, though that seems doubtful. There are very few skills that can be added to a new Captain America figure, though the developers could always surprise fans.

“Marvel Battlegrounds” launches on March 2016. It will be available for every platform that “Disney Infinity 3.0” is playable in.

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Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Trailer | Disney Infinity 3.0 (Credit: YouTube/Disney Infinity)