Mars Rat? Curiosity Rover Moving On, UFO Theories Dismissed; It's Just a Rock - NASA

Curiosity Mission Picks Up Its Pace – Mount Sharp Base Soon!
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The Curiosity Mars rat that drew a lot of attention following commentaries by social media users will remain a mystery to many. Those who want to believe there is something more to the strange object will not hear a confirmation from NASA.

In its trek to the bast of Mt Sharp, Curiosity Mars will leave behind the Mars rat, Mars flower and other odd Mars uncanny observations. This object, shaped like pistils of a flower, is among the zoomed in Curiosity images that created a buzz among UFO watchers and E.T. news followers. (NASA)

UFO observer and YouTube user UFO HuntingClouds uploaded a video showing zoomed in portions of Curiosity Mars photos. In one of these photos, an object that looks like a rock resembles the shape and form of a rodent.

UFO HuntingClouds says in the video description, "Here is a photo of a guinea pig photographed on Mars by the Curiosity Rover SOL 52! When zoomed in you can clearly see the animals face sticking out." The video was uploaded late last year.

The Mars rat video drew mixed reactions, but NASA was certain there was nothing uncanny about the Curiosity object in question. (Scroll down to watch the video.)

"Clearly, it results from, you know, a lot of things like wind erosion and mechanical abrasion and breakdown chemical weathering of the rocks, as to why they get these weird shapes," Curiosity deputy project scientist Joy Crisp, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., told the media Wednesday (June 5).

In another update to the press, NASA said Curiosity will soon begin a five-mile trek to the base of Mount Sharp, Curiosity's main destination.

"We've begun to hit full stride in Curiosity's exploration of Mars," said Mars Science Laboratory Project Manager Jim Erickson. "The pace is really picking up now."

In picking up its pace, Curiosity will leave behind the Mars rat story. Is this a simple case of people seeing more than what is really there?

VIDEO: Curiosity Mars rat or simply Martian rock?

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