Mark Holden’s cringe-worthy clown act on “Dancing with the Stars” is probably the worst number ever performed in the show, the viewers all agreed online. The former “Australian Idol” judge made everyone uncomfortable with his behaviour on Tuesday night, which made people wonder if he was drunk.

The TV personality, who is now a practicing barrister, hasn’t been getting praises for his dance routines with professional dancer Jessica Prince. But his clown performance on Tuesday was his worst yet.

The dance was jazz, and their song was “House of Fun” by Madness, so it was perhaps natural for Holden and Prince to dress up as clowns and make their performance as fun and wacky as possible. It wasn’t fun, though, and it was beyond wacky; it was a disaster.

The dance itself wasn’t much, but Holden’s behaviour after it was what the viewers found offensive. Instead of accepting the judges’ assessments on their performance, 60-year-old Holden hurled insults after insults at them. He also included Essendon coach James Hird’s wife Tanya in his rant. Host Daniel Macpherson looked both scared and uncomfortable.

After the judges praised Prince for putting up with Holden, they gave the pair a measly 4 out of 40 points. However, even with such low score, Holden and Prince were surprisingly saved from elimination. Actress April Rose Pengilly and her dance partner Aric Yegudkin, whose Rumba was favourably scored by the judges, were eliminated after they didn’t get enough viewers’ votes.

Reactions on social media weren’t kind. Viewers were aghast at disgusted at Holden’s behaviour, wondering if he was drunk during his performance.

Watching #MarkHolden now...this is horrendous! Is he mentally unstable?

— Steph! (@Steph_Walker82) October 14, 2014

Tonight #markholden was so disrespectful to channel 7, the show and all the judges! Totally not taking it seriously! #dwts @DanMacPherson — Felicia (@Felicia293) October 14, 2014

#markholden WTF... Never mind the atrocious dancing - that behaviour was just unspeakable!! #DWTSau

— Julieann (@Julez_84) October 14, 2014

As a seventeen y/o' I can proudly say I have not ever been that disrespectful to anyone. What a disgrace #markholden #DancingAU — Jessica (@jesleigh13) October 14, 2014

Is Mark Holden drunk? What the hell? I am so confused. #DancingAU #MarkHolden

— Olivia Butt (@livbutt) October 14, 2014

Even celebrities couldn’t believe Holden’s conduct.

Woke up after a horrible nightmare about clowns. Oh wait it was just a memory of #markholden on @DancingAU last night. Wtf went on there?! — Candy Hertz (@candyhertz) October 14, 2014

What just happened... I feel violated?! #markholden @DancingAU @DanMacPherson

— Lincoln Younes (@lincolnyounes1) October 14, 2014

Generally I'd choose waterboarding over Dancing With The Stars but this is some world class trainwreck TV #MarkHolden — Ben Damon (@ben_damon) October 14, 2014

Holden has denied being drunk on the show, though, saying that he was just getting into character. He also revealed to the “Kyle and Jackie O Show” on Wednesday morning that his wife was so ashamed of his DWTS performance that she slept in a different room.

“I was possessed by a clown. I was possessed by a clown. I’ll never watch it back. Any offence that the clown caused, I wish to apologise for.”

Pengilly was disappointed of her shock elimination, but if the DWTS bosses would allow it, she may come back as Holden is willing to trade places with her.

“If I could swap with April Rose I would – and if they’ll let me do that I’ll be happy to do it,” he said. “I’m saying that I would fall on my sword if it meant that April Rose got back in.”