Marijuana-Friendly Resort Starts Accepting Applications For CannaCamp Summer 2015

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Protesters prepare for smoking marijuana during a demonstration in support for legalization of marijuana in Medellin, May 2, 2015. Reuters/Fredy Builes

With recreational marijuana legal in some states, a Colorado-based weed-friendly resort is organising the CannaCamp for summer 2015. The cannabis camp adds to the growing number of pot-based businesses in Colorado as a result of Amendment 64 taking effect in January 2014.

In CannaCamp, participants could legally consume marijuana while on the hiking trail, by the poolside or at its smoking lounge, reports Mashable. Despite the amendment, smoking is banned in many national and state parks, which offers a unique chance for cannabis users to enjoy the weed in many public areas.

But the resort does not allow smoking in its rooms or nine cabins, although guests could light up on their private balcony. CannaCamp operators, the Mary Jane Group, explain that even if the Clean Indoor Air Act permits smoking in a percentage of hotel rooms, they want to promote a communal experience.

“We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp – in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment,” Mary Jane Group CEO Joel Schneider said in a statement. The company also runs Bud+Breakfast.

The resort, a former ranch in Durango, covers an area of 170 acres in the southwestern part of Colorado. CannaCamp is now accepting reservations for the summer season, which is from July 1 through Oct 31. The cost starts at $395 per person per night, but CannaCamp has waived the minimum three-night stay requirement. However, the room rate excludes cannabis, guests have to bring their own stash, but the concierge is available to help visitors connect with marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, reports Time.

Besides smoking marijuana, the adult campers have the choice of joining the resort’s Cannabis Yoga, eating gourmet meals and participating in marijuana-inspired classes such as cooking, arts and craft. For weed-lovers who also like outdoor activities, the camp offers facilities for hiking, canoeing, fishing, horseshoes and outdoor swimming in a heated pool.

In May, an openly cannabis-friendly hotel and several farm-to-table marijuana stores opened in Denver, Colorado’s capital city.

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