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Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao is set to stage the MP Cup International Singles and Doubles 10-ball Tournaments on Dec 8-17, 2014 in General Santos City, Philipines Bobslor Foundation

International boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao has proven himself to be the jack of all trades with multiple boxing titles, a congressional post as well as a job as a playing coach for a team in the Philippines' professional basketball league. This time around, the sportsman has announced the second staging of the Manny Pacquiao Cup International 10-ball Open.

The event which takes place on Dec. 8-17, 2014 is a two-part billiard tournament which is open to both local and International pool stars. The first event is a singles competition which runs from Dec 8-12. Straight after the singles division, a doubles tournament will then be played on Dec. 13-17. The entire tournament will be open to the public and will take place at the SM City mall in General Santos City.

The event offers a total prize purse of USD 150,000. The singles division will have a total prize allocation of USD 50,000 with the winner receiving the lion's share of USD 13,000. The remaining USD 150,000 is allocated for the doubles competition wherein the winners will be splitting the USD 40,000 top prize. The number of participants is not limited and any pool professional who wants to take a shot may enter. The entry fee for the singles division is USD150 while each team in the doubles division must pay USD300.

At the end of the tournament, Congressman Pacquiao has invited all the participants to join his birthday celebration. The evening of Dec. 17 will be dedicated to a victory party for the event's winners as well as Pacquiao's birthday celebration.

This is the second time that this event will be staged after a successful inaugural event last September. Pacquiao is a known pool enthusiast and is friends with many pool professional in the Philippines who are also considered to be some of the best in the world. He aims to revive the interest in cue sports and re-establish the Philippines as the Mecca of world-class pool. In the process, he is also planning on making his native General Santos City the pool capital of the Philippines, if not the world. The event is also expected to boost tourism in the region and spread awareness that the southern part of the Philippines is not a dangerous place to visit.

The event is being staged in cooperation with the BOBSLOR Pacquiao Foundation and is sanctioned by the Philippine Games and Amusements Board. Some of the world's top pool players have already confirmed their participation including Filipino legends Efren "Bata" Reyes and Francisco Bustamante. World Champion Mika Immonen and MP Cup defending champion Thorsten Hohmann will also be present. Registration information can be found in the even'ts official website and Facebook page.