Horror flick “Mania” is set to premiere in Sydney on Dec. 5 at the Dendy Cinema Newtown. The movie will be a part of A Night of Horror Film Festival, the longest running horror film festival in Australia. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia director Jessica Cameron talked about what it was like to film the movie.

“Mania” is a story about two lesbian lovers who are forced to flee their homes after a brutal murder. The event changes their lives forever. Cameron said that the audience can expect to see a “super sexy, bloody fun road trip decent into madness.” “What more could you possibly want in a horror film?” she asked rhetorically.

This is not be the first time that Cameron is premiering a movie in Australia. In 2014 she screened her movie “Truth or Dare” at the Monster Fest in Melbourne. “I got to spend several days touring the city and was so impressed with the natural beauty and the kindness of the people,” she said. The director also added that she can’t wait to return to Australia. “I consider it one of my happy places. And burgers with eggs and beats on them are heavenly,” she said.

Although Cameron is an actress and has been a cast member in many movies, she chose to remain behind the camera for “Mania.” The director revealed that she and the cast members of the movie travelled in an RV for 22 days to film the scenes.

Filming on a road trip came with its own set of unique challenges. “During one scene, where one of our actresses is walking down a pretty isolated street in Tucson Arizona in a nightgown, four police SUVs came screeching around the corner. I guess one of the neighbours had reported us for shooting porn, so they sent 12 of their men to come by and check it out. Once they realised we were not shooting porn [so] they left and never returned (even though we would film a sex scene in that same spot a few hours later),” she said.

Cameron’s first film “Truth or Dare” won 34 awards, according to a press release. Her new movie “Mania” has already bagged two best picture awards at Arizona and The RIP Film Festival in Hollywood.

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