Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal takes his seat before their English Premier League soccer match against Southampton at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton, southern England December 8, 2014.
Louis van Gaal REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal finally got what he wanted. He was truly happy with how his and his team's Christmas turned out after they beat Newcastle United to a 3-1 score. The Dutch coach's carrot and stick approach has proven not only effective but also wonderful as one can see the immense improvement on Manchester United on Friday as the team favourably scored over Newcastle and finally bringing home the bacon. Manchester cemented its spot on the third in the Premier League.

The perfect timing and scoring of van Gaal's team gave them the comfortable three points needed to beat Newcastle. Wayne Rooney earned double before halftime and Robin van Persie created another goal thereafter. The Dutch coach being so happy with how the game turned out gave his players the day off on Christmas Day to allow players to celebrate one of life's most important occasions with their families.

During the game against Newcastle on Friday, Manchester United was able to dominate for 90 minutes. It is within that span of time when the carrot and stick played wonders for the team. For Louis van Gaal, it's a fantastic Christmas for him and the entire team. According to the Manchester United manager in an interview with BBC, the team's goal is not to give away many chances but to create more for the team.

To kick off the happy mood this Christmas, van Gaal decided to give his players a day off from the field. A day off can never be strange for the team considering that they just won against Newcastle and Christmas is after all, is a celebration of life - something one should celebrate with a family. It is also one of the most important days in England.

Of the eight league games, the game on Friday became their seventh win. The other game from the eight league games having been drawn, it is easy to deduce how Manchester's game play strategies worked in their favour despite the team started on their wrong feet at the start of the season which makes their Dutch coach very grumpy often.