Man Killed, Woman Tortured After Dating App Meet-Up With Stranger Goes Wrong

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Two brothers wrongfully convicted of murder are to receive $84 million
Two brothers wrongfully convicted of murder are to receive $84 million

A woman has been charged in connection with the murder of a man and the torture of his female partner at a house in Indiana. The victims had reportedly met the woman on a dating app.

Heidi Kathleen Carter, 36, was charged with felony murder, rape and abuse of a corpse after the police found the man's body in her residence at Stinson Avenue in Evansville on Tuesday.

The man was reportedly killed by Carter's boyfriend, Carey Hammond, who was later shot dead by the police. 

According to the Evansville Police Department, Carter met the unidentified couple on a dating app and invited them home for a threesome. The trio then started drinking before allegedly engaging in sexual activity.

Hammond allegedly walked in on them and started beating the couple with a baseball bat, WFIE reported

He then restrained the couple in chairs with duct tape, and beat and abused them for hours. While Hammond duct-taped the duo to chairs, Carter allegedly pointed a gun at the victims and threatened to kill them. Hammond also allegedly raped the restrained woman several times. 

A few hours later, Carter left the house. During this time, the male victim attempted to flee and Hammond strangled him to death using a belt. 

When Carter returned home, she saw Hammond had wrapped the body in blankets. Together, they moved the body to a different room, according to court documents. 

The police said Carter then called another woman to help her clean the house, citing a landlord inspection.

Upon arrival, the cleaner noticed a handgun and blood on Carter’s shoes. However, she helped Carter clean two rooms.  As she started cleaning the third room, the cleaner heard a woman asking for help, and begging to use the restroom. 

Terrified, the cleaner sat down on what seemed like a pile of pillows and blankets, but was actually the man's body. 

Hammond tried to prevent the cleaning woman from leaving, but she was able to escape and inform the police.

Soon, officers from multiple agencies surrounded the house and ordered the residents to come out. Body camera footage of the officers showed a man, identified as the homeowner Jason Harvey, exit the building first, complying with the police orders. 

In the next few minutes, the officers asked Hammond to walk outside with his hands up. According to the police, Hammond came out in an aggressive manner, holding an object that appeared to be a gun.

"I mean it happens very fast, he comes out very quickly, there are officers in front of him," Sgt. Anna Gray of the Evansville Police Department said, according to WFIE. "He comes out and doesn’t show his hands. He has his hands out in front and has an object out and pointing it - this is a shooter’s stance."

The police then shot and killed Hammond. Later, it was discovered the object was a piece of metal or plastic, twisted to appear like a gun. Investigators believe Hammond committed "suicide by cop," The Indianapolis Star reported

The surviving female victim was then taken to a hospital. Carter has been taken into custody and is being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail without bond. 


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