PM Malcolm Turnbull
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks during a news conference in Sydney, Australia, July 10, 2016. Reuters/Paul Miller/AAP

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said his tough phone call with US President Donald Trump last week has benefited his country. The former pointed out that the incident has inspired congressmen from the United States to extend their support for the Australia-US alliance.

Turnbull believes that his infamous conversation with the leader of the free world is not a bad thing. Trump’s government has agreed to honour the refugee-swap deal following the controversial phone conversation between the two leaders.

“So this has been a very good week for Australia,” Turnbull said. But the prime minister has clarified that he would not feel indebted to Trump if he wanted Australian troops “for some Middle Eastern adventure.”

Congressman Ted Lieu of California, a Democrat and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has taken to Twitter to express support for the Australia-US alliance. Lieu has also apologised to Australians in behalf of the majority of Americans not in support of Trump. “Dear Australia: The majority of Americans who don't support Trump want to say we are sorry. We will make it up to you in four years or less,” Lieu wrote.

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a Democrat and member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said he made a Top 100 Possible Trump Administration Foreign Crises list. He insisted that cutting the Australia-US alliance is not included in the list. “I gotta admit 'Rupturing US-Australia Relations' was NOT on there,” he wrote.

When asked if he has done some self-evaluation, particularly if his strong handling of Trump had helped to oppose the acuity that he was a weak leader, Turnbull said just like the others, he reflects on what he does and how he can improve.

The prime minister has also admitted that the Liberal Party is facing serious financial trouble for some time now. “It is a big challenge that we face,” he told Channel 9 on Sunday.

Turnbull went on to explain that the corporate sector is unwilling to make political donations. He said it’s one of the reasons why the Liberal Party is financially disadvantaged these days. The party is also facing gigantic financial resources from the unions and Labour.

Meanwhile, Trump took to Twitter on Feb. 3 to thank the Australian leader for telling the truth about their civil conversation. There were reports that Trump allegedly hung up during their conversation, but Turnbull has denied that Trump had ended the call between them abruptly.