According to a recent Newspoll, three out of four Australians are of the opinion that a terror attack is very much likely to take place in Australia, whereas one in four think it is inevitable.

A poll conducted by the Australian has also revealed that two-thirds of the Australians find efforts by the Muslim community to be inadequate in condemning the attacks on the innocent. Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan said that the high level of concern among the Australians indicates that a terror attack is actually very likely, The New Daily reports.

The poll, conducted only a week after the heinous terror attacks in Paris, showed that the opinions of 76 percent of the 1573 polled, regarding the likeliness of a terror attack in Australia, vary from being inevitable to very likely and likely. Only one percent think it can never happen in Australia.

The opinions of the people are also divided on whether Australia should be sending ground troops to Syria to fight the ISIS. 42 percent are in favour of the idea, whereas 45 percent believe Australia should refrain from taking such a measure. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said last week that Australia should consider sending ground troops to Syria to fight with the militant organisation.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham assured the public that the government is doing everything in its capacity to prevent such an incident from taking place in Australia.

“Our nation is well-placed to continue to ensure the safety of Australians. We operate at a high level of risk but that is simply an acknowledgement there are those who would attack us because of our way of life,” he told the Sky News. “But the laws that this Government has passed through a series of reforms, the increased investment of more than $600 million or so in counter-terrorism activities and in national security activities, all of that is designed to help make Australians safer, and we are certainly doing everything we possibly can to act on all of the advice of our various national security agencies.”

The fear of a terrorist attack taking place in Australia has risen since the deadly Paris attacks that killed at least 129 people.

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