“Mafia 3” is one of the highly-anticipated games releasing in 2016. Last week, Hanger 13, the game development studio of 2K Games, released new gameplay footage for “Mafia 3." The footage shows 12 minutes of gameplay narrated by Haden Blackman, Creative Director at 2K Games. “Mafia 3” is coming for the platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC sometime next year.

The video released by IGN first introduces the lead character, Lincoln Clay. Clay, a Vietnam War veteran, seeks revenge on the Italian mafia that deceived him. Gameplay footage shows Clay walking around the open world environment of the streets of New Orleans in 1968. The gameplay also portrays the locations previously revealed in screenshots. Watching those locations on video makes the gameplay trailer more interesting especially for those who have been following the “Mafia 3” news and its updates.

The footage digs deeper into the life of Lincoln Clay. As a war veteran, Clay is fearless in combat and he is merciless to his enemies. The way he sneaks around in stealth mode will surely impress players.

The large area for gameplay clearly indicates that the destinations can be reached through different routes in “Mafia 3.” Players won't need to stick to a limited path. The gameplay shows that players can complete missions in different ways and gamers will surely find their unique style to complete the mission and objectives of “Mafia 3.”

“Mafia 3” is the first installment of the Mafia Series releasing in the current generation. It obviously brings improved graphics and never seen before features. According to the reviews and screenshots shared by PC Gamer, the previous version of the series “Mafia 2” already looks pretty impressive in terms of graphics. So, when the new installment of the series comes out next year, it is expected that it will be a great upgrade.

Mafia 3: 12 Minutes of Developer-Narrated Gameplay - IGN First (Credit: YouTube/IGN)

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