A child holds a pen during a vigil outside the Consulate General of France to pay tribute to the victims of an attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris
IN PHOTO: A child holds a pen during a vigil outside the Consulate General of France to pay tribute to the victims of an attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, in San Francisco, California January 7, 2015. The youngest of three French nationals being sought by police for a suspected Islamist militant attack that killed 12 people at a satirical magazine on Wednesday turned himself in to the police, an official at the Paris prosecutor's office said. The hooded attackers stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly known for lampooning Islam and other religions, in the most deadly militant attack on French soil in decades. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Madonna is facing criticism once again for promoting her upcoming album, 'Rebel Heart', in the wrong way. According to recent reports, her latest tweets are under fire for using the reference of Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris for her own benefit.

Daily Mail has reported that Madonna is being accused of cashing in on the recent terrorist attack in Paris to promote her upcoming album. Netizens have slammed the pop singer for being too aggressive in promoting her new work.

The pop icon came under fire when she tweeted her support towards the victims of the terrorist attack. In some of her tweets, the singer also provided some hashtags to help market her album.

These are very scary times we are living in. Ignorance breeds Intolerance and fear. We can only fight darkness with.. http://t.co/VsD7hlVUXW

— Madonna (@Madonna) January 8, 2015

In one of her tweets, she came under scrutiny for attaching her album with the heartmoving tragedy in Paris. “We must respect ALL religions! But we must also RESPECT human life!! Killing in the name of G*D is man's idea not G*D's!!!!#livingforlove ❤️#rebelheart”. Bustle has also raised their objection towards the singer's attempt by declarig that "a tragedy is no time for self-promotion'" The virtual world found Madonna’s promotional tactic in poor taste and objected to her attempt through strong tweets, some even using harsh words to criticize the singer.

Seriously, bitch? Using a terror attack to promote your album?? Now you've really jumped the shark. @Madonna — BldyTpcl (@BldyTpcl) January 8, 2015

Just so I'm clear: you're defending the co-opting of a terror attack to sell albums? @Sananda13 @Madonna

— BldyTpcl (@BldyTpcl) January 8, 2015

@oscaralcivar @Madonna the only message she has is promoting her upcoming album. — chantell mitchell (@GlambertsGirl) January 9, 2015

This is the second time in a few days that the 56-year-old American singer faced criticisms due to her promotional strategies. As reported earlier, the pop star had uploaded few doctored pictures of social leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, to promote her album’s art work. The leaders’ photos, entangled in black cord, attracted huge criticism for the singer who eventually apologised via a lengthy Facebook post.

Madonna’s upcoming album is scheduled to be released by March this year. The album first came under the spotlight when few of her unfinished singles reportedly leaked online. Madonna was reportedly infuriated by the whole incident, and has compared this online theft as a ‘form of terrorism’. Her comment, which was made around the time of the Sydney hostage crisis, also drew strong criticisms.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Madonna is set to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards. UT San Deigo has reported that this will mark the fifth appearance of the seven-time Grammy winner in the show.

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