MacBook Pro
The 2016 MacBook Pro was revealed on Oct. 27. YouTube/Apple

Apple has conspicuously changed the delivery schedule for the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 for US customers. The Cupertino company has pushed the delivery date for buyers of the 2016 model with the fastest delivery option set for June 5 and the free delivery option on June 6 at the earliest.

Apple has been known to alter the delivery dates, though most have somehow associated it with the potential release of upgraded MacBook Pro 2017 models. As mentioned in a previous post, the Cupertino company may introduce upgraded models of the variant which would be armed with an Intel Kaby Lake chipset, Mac Rumors reports.

It is possible that Apple may be trying to control stocks and opt to produce 2016 MacBook Pro models in safer volumes. That version drew its share of criticism, mostly hitting on Apple’s decision to use an Intel Skylake chipset.

As most know, Apple was backed into a wall before eventually deciding to release the MacBook Pro refresh. Availability of the Intel Kaby Lake chipset was unstable last year before eventually normalizing in early 2017.

The reason behind the release of the MacBook Pro 2016 was seen as a way for Apple to maintain its regular schedule of releasing new models for its laptop line. But now, it seems the Cupertino company will break that anyway with a suggested revelation of upgraded MacBook Pro 2017 models at WWDC 2017.

Another point worth noting is that it is only the 15-inch model that got a pushed back delivery date. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is in stock and can be delivered as early as the next day. It remains to be seen if there will be an upgraded 13-inch MacBook Pro models, something that could be announced at the upcoming Apple event.

In other regions, it seems that 15-inch MacBook Pro delivery estimates have also hit a snag. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and several other countries are reportedly experiencing long waits, hinting that Apple may have other plans ahead.

The Cupertino company may have toned down production, as they expect demand for the anticipated MacBook Pro 2017 to run like crazy if it is introduced at the WWDC 2017. Apple normally allows 320 days before a new model is released. If a MacBook Pro 2017 does come out on June 5, the 2016 model would be below that average with only 220 days passed.