A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

“Lucifer” season 3 will be back this week with another adventure. A preview video of episode 12 has surfaced online, teasing some of the scenes that fans will get to see. The plot will now focus on Cane (Tom Welling), who will make a deal with the Devil (Tom Ellis).

A preview video posted on YouTube shows Cane looking menacing with a pistol. Morningstar will reveal the identity of Marcus Pierce to Linda (Rachael Harris), who is concerned about the danger the immortal man poses. The devil points out that they are talking about the first murderer of the world.

Cane, on the other hand, has a tale of his own to tell. He has walked the earth for thousands of years since he killed his brother and was punished by God. After years of wandering, it feels like he’s in hell, and he has been looking for a way out.

Morningstar understands what Cane is going through; in a way, they have gone through similar experiences. They were both punished by God and have spent a long time in the same place looking for a way out. The Devil managed to find a way out of Hell, and now he’s prepared to offer his assistance to Cane.

The preview video shows Morningstar offering a deal. Will the Devil offer Cane a chance to rule Hell in his place? Such a situation could solve the problems of both characters, as long as God accepts it.

The next episode may also explain why Cane kidnapped Morningstar and how he was able to grant him his wings and take away his Devil face. If Cane has been chosen by God as a messenger, things will become very interesting for Lucifer.