Couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum will be in competition with each other in the second season premiere episode of musical-comedy TV program “Lip Sync Battle.” Host LL Cool J teases in the promo video that the episode titled “Tatum Takeover” will be a once in a lifetime match-up because the show is going to break all the rules.

Just Jared reports that Tatum will be performing the hit “Frozen” song titled “Let It Go” since the 35-year-old actor is seen in the video trailer wearing Elsa’s costume. Tatum will also be performing the song “Run the World (Girls)” with a cameo appearance from singer Beyonce as well.

As for Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the 35-year-old actress and dancer will do a “Magic Mike” performance to the song “Pony.” The one-hour “Lip Sync Battle” Season 2 premiere episode is scheduled to air on Jan. 7, 2016 on Spike.

“I just really hope my marriage isn’t over after tonight,” Tatum declares in the “Lip Sync Battle” trailer.

The obsession of Tatum’s 2-year-old daughter Everly with the Disney film “Frozen” could be the inspiration behind his “Let It Go” performance for the premiere episode of “Lip Sync Battle” Season 2. E! News reports that Tatum admitted he dresses up as Elsa while spending some quality time with his daughter during his guest appearance at “Live! With Kelly and Michael” last Tuesday morning.

“Because she likes to be Anna. I'm more of an Elsa girl,” Tatum shared.

Tatum also talked about how his daughter responds to the concept of Christmas. Tatum revealed that Everly understands the part of receiving gifts during Christmas season but the little girl still does not understand that she is not allowed to open the presents yet.

“She keeps looking at the tree because she knows that stuff is supposed to be under there. So when we put something under there, she's just like, ‘Present!’ Tatum shared during the interview.

When asked what Everly wants to receive this coming Christmas Day celebration, Tatum responded that his daughter has a very odd interest at this stage in her life because she wants to have purple turtles.

“She loves turtles. Purple turtles! I don't know why!” Tatum stated.

Watch the “Tatum Takeover (Trailer) | Lip Sync Battle” video:

Source: YouTube/Lip Sync Battle on Spike

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