When Linkin Park's Chester Bennington fronted Stone Temple Pilots in a performance at KROQ, a Los Angeles radio station, last May, fans were surprised when the group officially announced that Bennington will be their new lead singer replacing former vocalist Scott Weiland.

"Stone Temple Pilots has this sexier, more classic rock feel to it. Linkin Park is a very modern, very tech-heavy type of band. I grew up listening to these guys. When this opportunity came up, it was just like a no-brainer." Bennington said.

The band will kick off their first U.S. tour with Bennington this September. They are also scheduled to release an EP featuring new songs recorded with the Linkin' Park frontman. Their first recorded new single with the group's new vocalist was "Out of Time".

Brothers Dean and Robert DeLeo, who plays guitar and bass for Stone Temple Pilots, explained at a Michigan Radio show why Weiland was fired from the group after playing together for almost twenty years.

"I think you get to a point in your life where your BS meter starts running down to a certain kind of tolerance. It wasn't just a musical decision or a business decision it was a quality of live decision and that really what it's about. That's where we wanted to be. Chester is a person that's really surrounded by good fortune and that's something you want to be around. It's no longer three guys in a room, trying to make a record or trying to get a tour together - it's four guys in a room," Robert said.

Dean added, "We want to be able to fulfill our commitment through the band too. Robert, Eric and I, we want to be able to come to town and give you everything we've got and it was getting to a point where we were unable to do that."

On the other hand, Weiland expressed his disappointment for getting kicked out of the band through an open letter in Facebook. He said that the band has no legal right to call themselves Stone Temple Pilots because he still considers himself as part of the band.

Weiland wrote: "Like everybody else out there, I read about my band, Stone Temple Pilots, and their recent performance this past weekend with a new singer. To tell you the truth, it took me by surprise. And it hurt.

"But the band that played last weekend was not Stone Temple Pilots and it was wrong of them to present themselves as that."

Weiland is currently busy with his other band The Wildabouts. For Bennington's part, he doesn't consider being with Stone Temple Pilots as just a musical fling. "When you get together and put a new piece in, there's a whole different energy. For us the creative juices have just been flowing - we've been writing, we have tons of great ideas," he told Rolling stone.

Will Stone Temple Pilots achieve more success with Chester Bennington as their new frontman? Let's wait and see how long will this set up lasts.

Watch Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington performing Out of Time below: