Life on Mars? NASA Downplays ‘One for the History Books’ Remark, Gorilla Vision Spotted in Photo [VIDEO]

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Mars rover Curiosity may or may not have found something exceptionally remarkable on the Red Planet. The science community is waiting for some confirmation. But a NASA spokesman seems to be less excited than the lead investigator for the Martian mission.

Meanwhile, an image of a gorilla has been spotted in one of the Martian photos taken by NASA. The photos have been put together in video format, and it is now on YouTube. The clip is titled, "Living Gorilla discovered on Mars? Must see - 2012 HD."

Mars Rover Curiosity Update: December confirmation anticipated, 'one for the history books'

Joe Palca of NPR reported some seemingly exciting updates on Mars Tuesday last week.

"We're getting data from SAM as we sit here and speak, and the data looks really interesting," John Grotzinger, the principal investigator for the rover mission, told Palca.

"This data is gonna be one for the history books. It's looking really good," Grotzinger added.

But when the AFP checked with a spokesman for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the excitement was completely downplayed.

Mars exploration: Earlier reports similarly delightful

"[John] has been similarly delighted by results at other points during the mission so far," spokesman Guy Webster told AFP.

"As for history books, the whole mission is for the history books," he added.

The two NASA scientists may not be on the same level of thrill. But the good news is there will still be some announcements in a few weeks or a month's time.

"The scientists want to gain confidence in the findings before taking them outside of the science team," Webster noted.

Mars exploration update: Gorilla in Mars? [VIDEO]

Meanwhile, UFO observer Scott Waring suspects a YouTube video uploader may have spotted what looks like a gorilla in some Martian photos.

"[The image looks like] an actual animal on the surface of Mars. This creature's face has a mouth, cheeks, firm eyebrow area, and to top it off it has a gorilla-like body. Of course this could just be another ancient carving that survived the test of time," Waring wrote on his blog.

Take a look at this photo and play the media below. Do you see a massive rock formation, a creature, or something else?

Mars exploration update: Gorilla on the Red Planet? Image source: NASA Spirit Rover

(Image source: NASA Spirit Rover)

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