The world’s biggest technology show, CES 2016, is about to kick off in Las Vegas in the US. LG will reportedly showcase its latest innovation in OLED and LCD display during the event.

CES is the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow where various technology companies present their future technology. The event is scheduled from Jan. 6 to Jan. 9 in Las Vegas. LG will show off its flexible display device at CES 2016.

Mashable reports that LG will unveil a 65-inch and 77-inch UHD (4K) OLED TV panel which has High Dynamic Range (HDR), along with curved LCDs that has double-sided display specially designed for car interiors. The company will also present a 55-inch OLED concept which is said to be paper-thin, but the fascinating product LG will reveal is a 30R 18-inch display, which can be rolled up like a newspaper. However, since the company unveiled a similar concept in 2014, it is unclear whether it has a better resolution and is closer to reaching the market.

Mashable notes in another report that the rollable display will be the next-generation screen, which would enable consumers to carry it from one place to another.

Companies like Samsung and LG used to produce several prototypes of the rollable display technology at various CES and other trade shows. All the prototypes were dubbed flexible screens that are super-thin and can be rolled up.

Consumers are still waiting to see the flexible displays in the market which can change the technology.

In a previous report, Mashable recollects that LG, in 2014, was positive in shipping a 60-inch flexible 4K TV by 2017. However, it remains to be seen how “flexible” that TV might be.