The LG G5 arrived to the market with a modular design, which its predecessor might drop. YouTube/LG Mobile Global

When the LG G5 was announced earlier this year, it brought with it an innovative new concept with its modular design. But just a few months after it was released into the market, the tech company seems to have taken the idea back, as its upcoming LG G6 will reportedly not sport the same features.

The modular design was good in theory, as it would allow users to clip in different parts of a phone that would -- depending on priority and preference -- increase battery life, provide better photos or update the audio system. Even in practice, the LG G5 was well received and positively rated. However, most users found the device more expensive than it was worth. Its launch price was around US$650 (AU$890). Because of this, the LG G5 did not sell that well.

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Furthermore, TechRadar has noted that LG had some trouble manufacturing the different add-ons as well, which would sometimes result in minimal stocks. As such, the tech company is reportedly dropping the idea and has opted to release the LG G6 in a standard design and will have the same structure of all other LG smartphones.

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“It is [hard] that LG Electronics has decided not to modularize its next smartphone,” a source told Electronic Times of Korea. “Corresponding products such as boards and audio chips are currently being prepared accordingly.”

The LG G6 is expected to be released sometime in 2017 and will come in a solid glass and metal design, which is an equation that has worked for other smartphone companies. As LG’s recent release, the V20, came out of the box with Android 7.0 Nougat and an impressive system for taking photos and videos, no less is expected from the G6.

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