LG Logo
The LG logo is seen on a building roof in Minsk, Belarus, September 12, 2016. Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko

LG has already announced the release of two flagship phones for this year: the LG G5, which was made available in April, and the LG V20, which is due to come out by the end of October. It seems, though, that the South Korean company does not want to take a long break from coming out with another handset.

An image of a still unannounced mid-range LG smartphone made rounds online. The leaked photo was first posted by Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks) on Twitter. The device shown on the photo is currently called the LG LV5, although it is very likely that the moniker is a developmental codename and may change in the future. Although the leaked image only displays the front and back portions of the LG V5 handset, there features present are noticeable.

The whole front portion of the phone appears to be all-glass, possibly hinting the omission of a physical Home button. The seamless look is distinctly similar to that of the LG G5. The back portion shows that the LG LV5 has LED flash under its camera and a fingerprint sensor below that. The phone’s speakers are located at the lower left side.

The back cover’s material appears to be made plastic, which possibly means the LG LV5 has a detachable back panel. This may also mean that the phone’s battery is removable, like that of the LG V20.

There were no available specs that leaked with the photo. No announcement has been made regarding the release date as well. What is expected though is that the LG LV5 will run on Android 7.0 Nougat since its predecessor, the LG V20, is due to come out by month’s end with the same operating system. So far, these are the only details known about the phone, but more information are sure to come in the coming days.