A Lenovo Shop In Beijing
A customer (L) checks a new laptop with a salesman at a Lenovo shop in Beijing December 13, 2010. Reuters/Christina Hu

Lenovo will begin taking orders for their first Windows 10 PCs on July 29, whereas the biggest rivals HP and Dell have already started the pre-order process with pre-installed Windows 10. However, Lenovo has already posted an online guide to help its consumers get acquainted with Microsoft’s latest OS. Windows 10 PCs will be shipped by mid-August.

As confirmed by Windows Central, Lenovo will start shipment of the new pre-installed Windows 10 PCs in mid-August. Microsoft released the Build 10240 with final changes to the shipping version and designated it as the RTM or “released to manufacturing.”

According to PC World, Microsoft released Windows 10 to PC makers later than the expected time. In earlier situations, Microsoft released the RTM builds several weeks in advance of the official release. With Windows 10, the tech giant has altered its approach. This move seems to have knotted few PC makers. However, the previous announcement of making Windows 10 a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users would compensate the initial blow.

Despite the late release of the RTM build, both HP and Dell would Windows 10 machines ready on the big launch day. HP will even start shipment on July 28 with next-day delivery on the official launch date of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Users can order Windows 10 PCs from the HP’s official website now. For selected retailers, it can only be offered on August 2. Dell will begin shipment on the July 29 with the first PCs available to the customers on the next day.

As reported by Windows Central, the “Staring to Use Windows 10” guide help users to run the OS. Lenovo has also revealed plans to team up with Windows 10’s digital assistant Cortana and REACHit. This integration will allow users to search for their photos, videos, documents and music across devices and cloud storage services.

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