Legend of Zelda
A visitor plays The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks video game on the Nintendo DS during the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 in Los Angeles June 3, 2009. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

The gaming world might be focused on the upcoming release of “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild,” but Nintendo has a surprise project for the franchise. The company is apparently working on an escape room puzzle that is based on the world of Hyrule.

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The escape room, officially called “Defenders Of The Triforce,” will tour the United States beginning Jan. 31, 2017. The escape rooms will allow fans and non-fans of “The Legend Of Zelda” to experience Hyrule and other classic items. Nintendo is working with escape room design studio Scrap to bring the franchise to life.

Nintendo is, however, putting their own twist into the definition of an escape room. For “Defenders Of The Triforce,” participants will attempt to solve a mystery within the allotted time limit. During this time, they will make contact and experience the various features, classic items and even characters found in “The Legend Of Zelda.” The press release specifically mentioned the Goron, Zora and Kokiri tribes.

Particular items that are collected within the room will correspondingly help the participants solve the mystery provided to them. However, the press release seems to hint that the entire escape room actually consists of various locations. “Discovered items can be used to solve puzzles and move forward into other areas, just like in ‘The Legend of Zelda’ games,” it said.

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So far, the tour dates and locations are as follows:

  • San Francisco – Jan. 31-Feb. 5
  • Los Angeles – Feb. 10-12
  • San Diego – Feb. 24-25
  • Seattle – To be announced
  • Phoenix – To be announced
  • Houston – To be announced
  • Chicago – To be announced
  • New York – To be announced

At this point, no international plans and tour dates have been disclosed. It is likely that Nintendo is opting to see how well “The Legend Of Zelda” escape room does within the Unites States before taking it to other locations.