(L-R) Show creator Tom Perrotta, actors Liv Tyler, Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman and show creator Damon Lindelo
IN PHOTO: (L-R) Show creator Tom Perrotta, actors Liv Tyler, Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman and show creator Damon Lindelof attend the NY Season Premiere of HBO's "The Leftovers" in New York June 23, 2014. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

A new teaser of “The Leftovers” Season 2 is out. It reveals the move to a new location, from Mapleton, New York to Jarden, Texas. It is the only town -- consisting of 9,261 people -- that did not report any departure when 2 per cent of the world population suddenly disappeared, without any explanation.

The teaser features a long line of cars stuck on a deserted highway, giving the impression of a long wait before they would be able to move towards their destination. It ends with revealing the new location and that it saw no departure unlike other places.

“Leftovers” Season 2 is set to introduce new character, and many Season 1 characters are not returning to reprise their roles because of creative overhaul. Most of the actors who are not returning to star in the upcoming season had supporting roles in the freshman season.

However it is confirmed that Kevin Garvey and his family are returning, which means Justin Theroux is returning to reprise his role. Also Amy Brenneman will be back to play Laurie Garvey, and Margaret Qualley and Chris Zylka are returning to reprise their roles as children of Kevin and Laurie. Deadline reported that Carrie Coon and Christopher Eccleston will continue as well.

Meanwhile, the new actors who have signed on to star in Season 2 are Kevin Carroll, Regina King and Jovan Adepo. Carroll is playing John Murphy, husband to King’s character Erika. He is the new neighbour of Garvey and heads the town’s volunteer fire department. A mother of two, Erika is a doctor who runs a local care centre. Jovan Adepo has been roped in to play John and Erika’s teenage son, Michael, who is actively involved in his Church, according to TV Line. Also joining the cast is Darius McCrary as a guest-star who has a recurring role. He is playing the role of John’s childhood friend Isaac Rayney, a local palm reader.

“The Leftovers” Season 2 is scheduled to premiere this fall. The first season opened three years after “Sudden Departure,” and it ended with Garvey’s family reunion and Nora finding Holy Wayne and Christine’s baby.

[Source: Youtube/HBO]

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