Left-Backs Rumored To Leave Chelsea, Unhappy Under New Coach

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Emerson Palmieri of Chelsea
Emerson Palmieri of Chelsea

Chelsea has managed to get through a turbulent season, marred by the change at the helm.

Most know that Frank Lampard is no longer around and was replaced by Thomas Tuchel.

That move turned out to benefit the Blues, but not all were able to thrive under the watch of the 47-year-old manager.

Timo Werner has been getting heavy criticism, but it appears he will be doing just fine despite calls for a change.

But there are other players to consider in the club, and the names of Emerson Palmieri and Marcos Alonso have cropped up as two of the unhappy players in the mix.

With a different system, the two left-backs find themselves barely getting the appropriate playing time to show their skill.

Now, reports are coming in that the two are planning to jump ship and leave Chelsea--with Inter Milan being mentioned as a potential destination.

The bottom line for the two players is that they want to feel relevant once more.

Both have Serie A experience. Palmieri is a former Roma star, while Alonso once suited up for Fiorentina.

The two came on board for Chelsea when Antonio Conte was calling the shots and managed to fit in under Lampard.

But with their stock wading, the duo has now been linked to a move back to Italy.

Alonso saw action in the first three games in the English Premier League when Lampard was still around.

It has not been the same since the arrival of Tuchel. Palmieri saw action in six top-flight games overall, the last of which happened in December.

While the two left-backs made clear their intention, leaving Stamford Bridge may not be that easy.

In the case of Palmieri, Chelsea wanted $34 million for him in 2020 as he struggled to show his true worth to Lampard at the time.

Meanwhile, Alonso had a different scenario at that time, seen as someone who would battle Ben Chilwell for a starting spot.

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While Palmieri’s plight has not changed, it appears Alonso has also fallen out of the mix.

Inter Milan looms like a plausible landing spot although there are other teams likely to give chase to the two left-backs after the current season.

Other names could be moving out in the summer as well. Among those mentioned include Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud, making the upcoming transfer window a pretty interesting one to monitor.

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