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At least 84 Kangaroos have been found dead with gunshot wounds and signs of being rammed into by a vehicle in two different parts of Victoria.

The shocking wildlife massacre caused conservationists to intervene and hold accountable those involved in the grisly act. The crimes, which unfolded in regions between central and western Victoria, came to light after a local wildlife shelter found dozens of kangaroos in private paddocks on June 22, The Guardian reported.

In Gobarup, at least 65 juvenile and adult eastern gray Kangaroos were found dead, prompting an investigation from the state's Conservation Regulator. Near Hotham, which sits about 270 km west of Gobarup, the carcasses of another 19 Kangaroos were also spotted.

"It was pretty horrific ... they had broken legs, gunshot wounds, it was shocking," said local wildlife rescuer Tania Begg told ABC.

Begg managed to save two joeys and one adult male kangaroo.

"One adult female kangaroo was taken to a specialist wildlife shelter where she received some amazing care ... she has several shotgun pellets embedded in her body ... which is really disturbing."

Following the incident, worries over the preservation of animal species have been growing in the area. At the scene of the deceased kangaroos, used shotgun cartridges were uncovered during the inquiry. A nearby landowner who has been exonerated of all suspicion in connection with the event has spoken with authorities.

Victoria's Wildlife Act of 1975 places a high priority on protecting all wildlife, including kangaroos. It is forbidden to hunt them down or injure them unless you have permission. If these rules are broken, there might be severe penalties of up to AU$9,870 or possibly six months in jail.

Victoria's rich ecosystem is teeming with kangaroo life. The marsupials constitute an important part of the ecosystem as they shape the environment they inhabit. However, preserving the kangaroo population and reducing human-wildlife conflict need careful balance, something that Victoria does by combining creative mitigating techniques with population monitoring.